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Summertime of SOME-OF-THE-TIME

  Good Shepherd’s Joyful News

At the heart of a strong Christian life is knowledge of God’s work.

That is the reason that we offer Bible Study.

This study takes you deeper into your spiritual journey.

A variety of topics are covered in this lively discussion group.

Meets Wednesday nights @ 7 pm.

All are welcome.

“Goliath Must Fall” with Jo Ann Madsen

How lucky are we to be members of a church which does not think God is not with us in the summer. So many places of worship go on vacation from God during the summer. In fact this church would go on a sort of hiatus in the summer as recently as 12 years ago. There was no early service & only about 12 people at the later one. Gods work and His blessings are omnipresent, NOT SOME-OF-THE-TIME. Now we are averaging 100 people at the 10:30 am service alone during the summer.

At Good Shepherd, church activities are not  only continued, but ramped up. Block parties, fishing trips, VBS, Serenity Night Live, Coffee Hours, Spirituality Seminars and all the other regular activities are in full swing.  We truly have become not only a congregation, but a church family. That’s great news! We must realize that with the church in full swing, so are our expenses. We must take ownership of them and continue to FULL TIME support our church. God is with us ALL OF THE TIME, so lets remember not to make the summertime giving into SOME OF THE TIME. 

Please remember to make up missed vacations weeks

so we can thrive into the fall.

While we hear of church failures and closings, we at Good Shepherd are so proud of our growth, lets continue it with opens arms to all!

 Thank you, Your Stewardship Committee

Vacation Bible School Fun


Fishing trip memories

Pastor Remo will be holding classed starting this

September for all adults 21 and over who have not yet been confirmed.

** All who attend will be confirmed on Sunday October 15th ****


Time and Details to follow

Please inform Pastor Remo or Call the office at 516-731-7387if you are interested.

Adult Confirmation Classes

The PUMPKINS are Coming!


Its that time of year again where we are gearing up for our

GREAT Pumpkin Patch!

We will need all kinds of dedicated volunteers.

We need cashiers, pumpkin sizers, greeters, people to dress in characters, craft table people, face painters and photographers. There is something for everyone.

MOST Importantly TRUCK unloaders we need all kinds of strong people to help unload our trucks.

First truck will be here Wednesday October 4th at 4 pm and the next truck on October 18th at 4 pm.


Please sign up in narthex or send us an email to gslc@gmail.com

What's coming up.....

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Everything is for a Reason….

The world works that way… the rain fell on August 18, 2017 in torrents. Tons of it. Rain… it is for a reason. Drinking water, for the lawn to grown, for food in the fields to grow. A reason.  The sun shines. For a reason. It makes grass grow and the corn too. Grass becomes hay and most corn becomes fodder for cows who in turn produce milk and meat for most people’s tables.

Everything in God’s creation is for a reason.

EVERYTHING He has made works together for the overall good.

And YOU are in the height of His creation.

YOU, says the Lord have “dominion” over that He has made. You are the one for whom it is all made so that you can eat, breath and live. God has made all things FOR YOU. He cares for you. He loves you. And …

HE has a purpose for you. Yes, You.

An important purpose. Knowing it and live out your purpose.

Come each Sunday to be strengthened in your continued journey of fulfilling

God’s purpose for you.


Pastor Remo