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FROM YOUR PASTOR’S DESK:          April 16,2018

It is the early morning hours as I write this. Monday’s I am generally up early planning next Sunday’s Message and getting the week organized. The light of day is just beginning to show. Just a wee hint of it. Not much right now. Soon though, it will sweep the landscape and a transformation will happen. All that is shrouded in darkness will be made clear.

Our God is one of transformation; giving dramatic change to all of life as we live in hope. One of the main purposes of you and me is to help bring light to the world; the hope stirred up as you hear God’s word to you: “I can do all things through my God who strengthens me.”

On Tuesday, April 17, we gather to talk about how that HOPE can be given through the work of our church. The TEAM Meetings last one hour, 7:30 – 8:30. Your participation will make spreading the Light of Jesus more effective.        


Pastor Remo

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From Your Pastor's Desk:                    April.​ 28,2018

We were having our usual coffee before piling out of bed. Rule 1 in our house is whoever wakes up first makes coffee pronto and serves the other one ‘coffee in bed’.  We check signals on the day; who is doing what and with whom and when. Also who is taking His Royal Highness (AKA Winston the dog who doesn’t know that he’s just a dog) for his walk. Suddenly there were sounds of spraying water and brushing on the windows of this old house. We looked out and there was a truck and a fellow at work… It took a minute to register that it wasn’t some weirdo thing going on then I recalled that some weeks ago the gutter cleaning people had asked if I might want the windows cleaned and due to the height of this 1750 built home and we thought it a good idea… I mean, it’s been years and years since the out of reach windows got cleaned on the outside. Hence the noise on the window panes. That was my first surprise of the morning…

The second is how much more clearly I can see out the windows!!!! It’s amazing how much brighter and clearer everything looks outside!  This makes me think about other things and the need for clarity. Seeing through the fog of political foment, the barrage of upsetting events and the ups and downs of daily life, clarity of thought is critical. How can you get rid of the junk that clouds your thinking and judgement?

One way Jo Ann and I have discovered is to draw close to God. This puts new filters on our perspectives and allows us to see more clearly. Thanks to the window washer it came to me that we can really use a series of messages on drawing close to Jesus: Once you do that, you have built a FOUNDATION from which you can  manage the more difficult challenges life sends your way.  

So, the next Sermon Series is  ”Draw Me Close To You” {O Lord}.
Starts Sunday! Spread the news!

PS: Two Seminars are coming your way (which I will lead):

1.      ‘Good Grief’ Tuesdays at 7:45 PM May 1,8 & 29.
2.      ‘Renew: Your Spiritual Journey’ (for all new at our church): Monday’s June 4, 11, 18 @ 7:30

Sign Up sheets in the Church Lobby.

Peace and Joy, Pastor Remo

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