She stood there, enthralled by the butterflies in the old yard. They were flying in and about the "Butterfly bushes" planted the previous spring.

First, the 2 year old clapped her hands and exclaimed "Butterflies!"

After a few minutes it was time to catch a butterfly. Alas, they were quicker than the wee girl and they lived to see another dawn. Those winged wonders amazed little Lailah.

They amaze many of us with their beauty and how attracted and captivated

they are by the butterfly bush. 

When Jesus walked the face of the Earth,

people were amazed that many were attracted to come hear His message.

People came in droves because it was -and still is- an attractive and captivating message; 

The Good News is that God loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with all people.

To catch up to the butterfly is not easy, as Lailah will tell you. To catch up to Jesus?

Not so difficult. Simply worship and come under His Presence.

Peace & Joy 

Pastor Remo

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