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A Church of Joy!

3434 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown 

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Memorial Book

Our Memorial wall continues to flourish with the generosity of our members. We are so blessed that so many of you have asked us to honor and commemorate your loved ones.

We are still accepting the names and your relationships to those people that you would like to have publically honored and remembered on our church walls, on the screen at the beginning of the service, and permanently entered into our church memorial book.

 An optional donation to the church to honor these special people would be welcome. Please feel free to use the Memorial envelopes found in the lobby should you wish to include your loved one.

Food Pantry:
 Everyone goes through phases in life. Some are more difficult then others. There are few scenarios  more difficult than suffering form hunger. Hunger compromised our decisions and robs  us of energy needed to progress in life. Here NO ONE goes hungry… ever!  We have a food pantry which allows is to give as needed. Members when grocery shopping toss a few extra items into their cart and drop off on
Sundays mornings on the way to worship in baskets in the lobby. NO one need go hungry and we are committed to this vision.

Grief is very real. So we provide a Grief Support ministry with regular seminars and individual counseling. Our Pastor is on call and will sit with any family in the community to assist them when losing a loved one, one of the most difficult journeys of this life. At Good Shepherd your mourning will with time turn to joy.

Death and Dying:
We care for people at every stage of life. No one is left alone on their journey; including as the curtain to life on earth begins to close. Our entire congregation, as well as Pastor will walk with you and your family. No one travels in “the valley of the Shadow of Death” alone.

First Nations:
The first peoples of our country were historically pushed further and further West to eventually be relegated to Reservations. Every October we partner with the Navaho Indians in selling the pumpkins grown on their land. Since 2005 we have sent over $225,000 directly to the Navaho Indians to help provide medical care and schooling on their reservations.


Addictions are very real. So our Pastor speaks at AA meetings and we host a SNL “Serenity Night Live” Open meeting every Saturday night. This joy based meeting is one of the most open and inviting meetings on Long Island. Annually our Pastor offers “The Twelve Steps of Spiritual Journey” for those exploring the possibility of being addicted as well as for those who know they are addicted. This disease can be beat and together with Good Shepherd where your Higher Power Jesus Christ is proclaimed, you will find victory.

The Mitten Tree - Made with love.
It is horrible to be cold in the winter… We knit or donates mittens, scarves, and hats to keep the cold away. Over 200 items are generally
gathered yearly to help keep warm those who would otherwise be cold.

Christmas Family Tree and Trees for ALL!
Celebrating Christmas without the means to celebrate is depressing. We identify families who are in need and make a huge difference in their Christmas season; generally a dozen families are impacted. Gifts for each family member are donated by church members as we “Adopt” a family or part of a family for Christmas. It also can be difficult to purchase a tree when funds are low…. NO ONE leaves out tree lot not being able to afford a tree. Christmas Eve … we even give some away to those in need.

Pre-op– Post –op:
We pray and reach out to you as you go thorough that challenging season of surgery. Pastor and members will visit you in the hospital and /or your home . Your church family will never leave you alone.

Unwed mothers:
Support for unwed mothers is critical as we stand for supporting those in need. We send receiving blankets to home for these new mothers across Long Island.

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“In all things God works for the good of those who love Him”

Romans 8:28

~ Making the Difference ~

This church is here to make a real difference in the life of all who enter these doors and beyond. How do we make a difference ?

Here are a few of the things you will discover:

* Hope through relevant and powerful worship.
* Incredible pre and post worship fellowship over coffee and bagels
* A Food Pantry: People will not go hungry
* Children’s Ministries with an incredibly caring and gifted staff.
* Marriage Counseling and support
* Addictions Counseling and programming
* Youth Programs
* Grief Support Groups
* Comfort in your difficult seasons of life.
* End of Life compassionate care
* Celebration as babies are born and baptized
* Pastoral Care 24/7. God’s love does not take a break.

Good Shepherd makes a difference in the lives of Long Islanders. This is a church that cares that no one stands alone.

WELCA - Baby Shower

On behalf of the ladies of WELCA, we would like to thank all the members of our congregation who donated goods for our “Baby Shower” event.

With your help, we were able to collect clothing, blankets and other baby items and send them to the Navajo Indians for their Unwed Mothers program. May God bless you for your generosity and love